EZ Celebration - Lake View Farmhouse

This beautiful Villa is the perfect place to host your private party or meeting. EZ Celebration Lake View farmhouse is complete with a lake, waterpark, greenery, hilltop, and rest room for your guests to have a great time. This farmhouse has everything you need to host an amazing event!

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EZ Celebration - Lake View Farmhouse  is also one of the best Farmhouses in Nagpur for family and friends to enjoy. It is also an amazing Weekend Spot with an amazing Lake View and Water Park and it’s  only 1 Hour away from zero miles Nagpur. The EZ- Celebration is located at Ambika Farms, Bazargaon, Amravati Road, Nagpur. 

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EZ Celebration lake view farmhouse will give you a beautiful lake view, waterpark, lovely garden, private parking, and more. All facilities are available in this farmhouse like Water Park, Modern Amenities, Jogging Park etc. In this farmhouse, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with serene and soothing. You can have a memorable moment with your family members or with friends.

Lake View Farmhouse

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